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This document is designed to clearly set out our policy to safeguard the health of both patients and clinic staff at this time. We have significantly increased our infection control measures during the Covid-19 situation.

Infection Control Measures

  • Patients are greeted at the front door, which is opened for them. 
  • You will be asked to wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol gel, and taken straight into the treatment room. 
  • We aim to keep 2m distance before and after treatment.
  • I will aim to perform treatment where possible with the patient face down to minimize any risks.  
  • Prior to booking an appointment patients are screened for Covid-19 symptoms (see question list) 
  • If patients have symptoms, or have had symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting, you will not be offered an appointment, for 2 weeks. 

To reduce possible infection from therapist to patient

  • Guidelines are given for the use of surgical masks, plastic aprons, and gloves. 
  • Gloves will be worn if the therapist has any open wounds or lesions below the elbows, or if requested so to do by the patient. 
  • Hands and forearms will be washed between patients using BOTH soap and Chlorhexidine.
  • To reduce possible infection from patient to therapist
  • You will be asked questions about any symptoms that relate to Covid-19 or exposure to people suspected of having Covid-19. 
  • You will be asked NOT to attend if you have symptoms, OR have been in contact with anyone with symptoms. 

To reduce possible infection from patient to patient. 

  • We have removed cloth coverings for treatment tables and pillows, and replaced these with plastic easy-clean coverings.
  • We have replaced chairs with plastic chairs for ease of cleaning. 
  • You are requested to touch as few objects and surfaces as possible
  • Between appointments the treatment table will be washed down with a diluted bleach cleaner; a steam cleaner; and a soap and diluted chlorhexidine solution. 
  • chairs will be wiped down with the soap and chlorhexidine solution, and steamed between sessions. 
  • We also use a UV light as extra added precautions between patient and overnight to help sanitize any surfaces on which a virus may settle. 
  • Between patients, the room will be aired where possible. 
  • We use a contactless credit card machine for transactions. 
  • should you need to use a pin for your card, we also provide clingfilm to place over the keypad, which is then cleaned after every use. 
  • any surface touched by either therapist or patient during treatment will also be cleaned between appointments.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The guidance for the use of PPE in the private sector has been  considered by a cross-professional group of private healthcare professional bodies, including those representing osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors, and in liaison with their respective regulators 

The guidelines are as follows:

  • single-use nitrile gloves for each patient
  • single-use plastic aprons with each patient 
  • IIR fluid resistant masks or higher. 
  • eye or face mask/ visor depending on risk.
    Risk factors to be considered are which procedures are likely to create a greater expulsion of viruses in a possibly symptomatic patient. We are of the opinion that the Osteopathy we practice does not in any form contain any aerosol generating procedures, and that in the main, eye protection will not be necessary for asymptomatic patients. 

Wearing of a visor is depending on risk assessment as above and will be worn IF an assessment would suggest this is warranted. This would also most likely be in a situation where I would also consider it a risk to treat the patient




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